Culinary Seasoning Guide For Popular Herbs

I have compiled a list of the herbs in my garden which are most used for cooking as a guide to what foods they go best with. These herbs are great flavor enhancers, especially if you are trying to cut down on salt. Please don’t let this guide stop you from using your imagination and satisfying your curiosity. I invite you to send comments to me by e-mail if you have additional helpful advice on the use of these herbs.
Fresh herbs are always best and should be used whenever possible. The stuff in spice jars that you get in the store is often tasteless when compared to the real (fresh) thing.

 Basil Goes well with all tomato dishes cooked or fresh, salad dressings, marinades and dips, hot or cold. Pasta and otherwise bland vegetables, meat or poultry pies, baked or poached fish and shellfish.
Bayleaf All meat, bean, and fish stews and sauces, corned beef. Adds a rustic flavor to onion, potato, squash and rice dishes. Tomato aspic, seafood cocktail and salad.
 Caraway Use in rye breads, cheese dips and rarebits, soups, applesauce, salads, coleslaw, and over pork or sauerkraut.
Chives Green salads, egg & cheese dishes, cream and cottage cheese spreads, gravies and sauces. Hot and cold vegetables, especially potato and tomato dishes. Meat pies, poultry and fish stews and casseroles.
Dill Pickled vegetables, green, potato and tomato salads, breads, egg, cheese and creamed cheese, fish and meat sauces, beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, peas, squash and tomato dishes. Beef and veal roasts. Most lamb and fish dishes.
Garlic All salads and salad dressing and marinades. Egg and cheese fondue, meat, poultry and fish sauces, stews, pies and casseroles. Beans, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes and rice dishes. Hamburgers. Breads.
 Lovage  All soups, stews, potato dishes and salad dressings. Seeds can be used on breads and biscuits.
Marjoram Green, poultry and seafood salads, seafood cocktail, breads, cheese spreads, potato dumplings, dried bean dishes, spinach. Roast meats and poultry, baked, broiled and stuffed fish.
 Mint  Use with roast lamb or fish, green and bean salads, jellies and tea.
Mustard Green, macaroni and potato salad, salad dressings. Cheese dishes and sauces, baked beans, cabbage, squash, mushrooms. Chops, steaks, ham, pork, cold cuts, shellfish.
Oregano Poultry and seafood salads. Breads. Egg and cheese dishes. Meat, poultry and vegetable sauces. Artichokes, cabbage, eggplant, squash, dried beans and mushrooms. Broiled roast meats. Meat and poultry pies, stews and casseroles. Baked, broiled fish and shellfish.
Parsley Green, potato, seafood and vegetable and egg salads. Biscuits, breads. Asparagus, beets,  mushroom and pasta dishes. Meatloaf, meat and poultry pies, stews and casseroles, stuffing, stuffed fish.
Rosemary Fruit and green salads, herb butter, cream cheese spread, marinades and sauces. Beans, broccoli, parsnips, baked and roast potatoes. Roast meat, poultry and meatloaf pies. Stews, casseroles and stuffing. Broiled fish.
Sage Egg and cheese dishes, spreads, gravies and sauces, beans, onions, spinach and tomato dishes. Roast meat, poultry. Meatloaf, stews and stuffing. Baked, poached and stuffed fish.
Summer Savory Soups, stews, stuffings, fish and chicken, green beans and eggs.
Tarragon Seafood cocktail, avocado salads, salad dressings, cheese spreads and egg dishes. Asparagus, beans, beets, carrots, mushrooms, peas, squash and spinach. Steaks, poultry and meat casseroles and stews. Baked, broiled, grilled and poached fish and shellfish.
Thyme Green, poultry, seafood and vegetable salads. Biscuits, breads, egg and cheese sauces and spreads. Vegetable casseroles. Meats and poultry roasts. Pies, stews and casseroles. Meatloaf. Baked, broiled and stuffed fish.